Pushing hard against expectations with both knowledge and obsession, an otherness surrounds my work by constantly looking for the exact point where my bone deep Appalachian heritage smashes up against the academics of contemporary art. My most recent work, Pillars of Dust, includes a series of large-scale paintings and smaller works on paper that use slide sections of the effects of black lung on coal miners for their foundation. My well engrained working process allows for an open-ended approach to how each work develops. The overall presence of prepared raw canvas, chalk, charcoal, gesso and acrylic paint is my effort to carve out a place for my heart’s desire to speak of something important, personal and yet as common as dirt.

I am a sixth-generation West Virginian living and working in Chicago. My professional achievements include numerous solo exhibitions in museums and galleries, international fellowships, grants, and a long list of publications and critical support for my work. In addition to being an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College in Chicago since 2005, I have had multiple residencies and visiting artist awards with universities that included workshops and lectures. A documentary film title “Work At Hand” focuses on my unique career and personal history.

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